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Interlock Mesh Basket Clip-on Tags

• Mesh basket and tray tags are used for tracking, color coding and to communicate different information like department affiliation (e.g. red = OR / green = gyn / yellow = ambulance etc.) or the priority of a certain tray (e.g. red = urgent / yellow = standard / green = unimportant etc.).
• Plastic tags can be marked with P-Touch, film labels, laser imprint (bar codes, QR codes), and (in the future potentially) RFID tags etc.
• All tags are reusable, washable and sterilizable.
• Tags are of great importance as hospitals move to more sophisticated tracking technologies (QR codes, potentially RFID tags etc.) as they allow to “upgrade” trays to new tracking technology without having to replace them.
• Two different materials are available: PP and PTL

USPs Clip-on Tags
• Various sizes and colours
• Economical price
• No additional fixation aid necessary
• Heat resistant

Exhibitor: Interlock Medizintechnik GmbH

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